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What perfect Russian wife likes

Many foreigners see Russian women through the eyes of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. These women have sway with lives of men. They say that Russian lady is femme fatale, who changes destiny. Perfect russian wife has strong character and ambition to go to the very end despite the obstacles. With her amazing natural beauty, she remains kind, sincere, at the same time being bright, decisive – that is a real Russian wife!

Why russian wives are so perfect, their mystery

What is so attractive in these extraordinary, mysterious women? Life with them is comparable to a calm sea, where there's no place for storms and disasters. They're like caressing gentle waves, exciting and calming. Perfect slavic wife - a haven of tranquility and peace, but at the same time she's interesting and cheerful person. Why is she so attractive?
  • Undoubted beauty.
  • And beauty in everything - starting from morning makeup, finishing with evening tranquility of naturalness and harmony. These women are perfect. Every guy feels full of strength and energy with them. They're ready to delight men with their attractiveness, presenting it in new colors every time. Lady from Russia can be quiet modest girl with natural charm at the same time being passionate woman who heats the imagination. It's never boring with her, she's constantly fascinated by new ideas, transformation. But one thing is certain – beauty is a power given her in order to drive men crazy.
  • Neatness.
  • Amazing russian wife always tries to look nice. She looks great even in the morning cooking breakfast for the family. An ability to keep house clean and tidy and create a space filled with comfort and pure energy - the main advantage of these women. Lady from Russia always makes sure her husband has a clean shirt and children go to school in ironed, neat clothes.
  • Domestic skills.
  • Who else but Russian beauty will surprise you with the most delicious culinary delights every day. Love for cooking is given her by nature. She's a great housewife; you will forget what dinner in restaurants is, rushing home each day in order to taste a new spicy dish.
  • She understands her husband.
  • Russian wife always knows what her husband wants. She always knows all tastes and preferences of her husband in order to use it in life. For example, knowing that some odor calms her husband, she uses it in the evening for relaxation. Russian woman always finds a way to make her husband's day.

How to find perfect russian wife - five tips for men when getting acquainted

What can be advised to men who dream to find perfect russian wife? It's not easy to find an approach to this girl, but after getting in good with her, you can become the happiest guy next to the most beautiful women in the world.
  1. Don't be afraid and don't worry that she will say you nay. Russian girls are very sociable, they will be happy to chat with you. For this you should create an account on dating site and start an acquaintance. It will be an enjoyable experience which can grow into real feelings.
  2. A lot of men say they dream about bride from russia, but remain passive. Take up the running. Girls from this country are quite modest, they're not used to write messages first, they expect guy to show initiative, happily answering his letters.
  3. Don't forget to remind her about yourself every day, be sociable. It should be understood that you want to become a part of her life, that you're constantly thinking about her. Be interested in her life, even in its smallest details, allow her letting you into her private world – it means she starts trusting you.
  4. All girls love when men admire them, accord courtesy, give gifts. Russian brides need it more than others. Men rarely pay attention to their beauty in their homeland. Remind them about this, russian mail order them a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a nice souvenir.
  5. Make a real date, pay her attention, surprise her, find an interesting approach to a date – it will allow you winning her heart and wake her real feelings! Nothing is impossible if there's a great desire, emotional bond and mutual understanding!