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The acquaintance with a Ukrainian girl - a marriage or a 'divorce'?

Of course, not always acquaintances online are successful. It happens so that one or another side or both of them come out on the wrong side. Sometimes girls aren't going at all to get married, they dream of a rich admirer selling their trip, take them to a restaurant and give expensive presents and money.

At the same time they can refuse a potential fiance in sex to the bitter end. When it's just impossible to go on, a 'bride' tells that she loves another person or just disappears. A man often doesn't understand that he was just fooled around. Some girls even don't come to a meeting, they can defraud a 'fiance' for money for a trip abroad and disappear. Having some bad experience foreigners send 'brides' electronic tickets instead of money.

Ukrainian women are fooled around in the same way. A man can tell that he is rich, while in real it turns out that he works for little money and even has no place to live. Ukrainian women should be also ready for a foreign fiance to be not young. The average age of men who look for bride in Ukraine is 40.

For young men in the West it's not so hard to find a couple at home, and they start thinking about creating a family when they feel stable in their life. If a woman has a child it's not a problem as a rule. Many foreign guys are ready to marry a woman with kids. A per cent of successful marriages and divorces among Ukrainian and western men is the same as everywhere.

The ending of your date with a Ukrainian lady depends much on the right choice of a dating site. Use only checked resources and dating agencies with a good reputation. In that case your chances for a happy marriage will raise multiply, and risks will be reduced to minimal.